Big Sky is a totally new band project.  Formed out of the Celtic Grooves concerts and featuring a roll call of the finest traditional and roots musicians in Scotland led by two of the core members of Capercaillie, Charlie McKerron and John Saich, vocalist Laura McKerron (Charlie's cousin) lends her sensuous, honeyed style to the raw energy of fiddle, electric guitar and wicked drum loops. Between them they are dedicated to writing songs that are influenced more by where they are going rather than where they have been.

Big Sky love life, and love you to dance.   Theirs is the new music of democracy - recorded in bedroom home studio's in crofts and cottages on the far extremities of the west and east coasts of Scotland.

This is musical devolution for the new Millennium.

During studio sessions for their forthcoming album allusions to Garbage and even the Corrs were duly noted, but you know how comparisons are...just try to catch the spirit and let your heart follow.  These are not musicians playing Celtic music, just Celtic people playing how they feel, from World beat through drum & bass, to bluegrass and strict tempo with bubblegum.

You can experience Big Sky on CD this autumn with their debut release on Survival Records.

Release date: 4th October 1999

Real Audio Samples

Golden Hair

Las Temporadas



New Sardinia


What the Press say:

"Charlie McKerron and John Saich debut as Big Sky joined by Charlie's cousin Laura McKerron on vocals. Now, dare I say it but this could possibly be the most commercially viable project they have undertaken. Take for instance the hill billy pop of Millennium Girl complete with banjo and fiddle or the Enigma influenced introduction to Angel....With the wistful vocal inflections so beloved of fans of the like of B*Witched and the Dixie Chicks, this album has a lot going for it and with a push in the right direction Big Sky could have a big future ahead of them. I've always enjoyed the musical excursions undertaken by Capercaillie but this album richly deserves to make it if only for taking the Celtic Connection that step further." Irish Post "

...."Big Sky, a Capercaillie spin off, with the Celtic Groove foundation (Charlie McKerron and John Saich) teaming up with Laura McKerron (Charlies Cousin and a tremendous singer). Not content with taking traditional tunes and songs and adding samples, programming and all the usual high tech wizadry, Big Sky have turned the other way and written and produced a completely contemporary collection of rock and pop songs, and roped in some of the best roots musicians to assist. To avoid any misunderstandings caused by listing musicians such as Michael McGoldrick, Ellidh Shaw, Donald Shaw, Phil Bancroft, Tom Bancroft, Marc Duff and Gary Finlayson (To pick a few names at random), the album carries the warning "This is Not Traditional Music". And it isn't nor is it quite like Capercaillie or the Corrs or the Afro Celts or anything else that springs to mind. It is, however, extremely entertaining, and - if there's any justice - destined to be a huge success. If the Rankins can break through into the radio playlists, then surely Millenium Girl or Delicious ought to." Folk Roots

"Big Sky with Charlie McKerron and his singing cousin Laura plus a who's who of Scottish roots musicians - make an instantly lovable debut album blending traditional virtuosity with a contemporary edge that can go all the way from the trip hoppy opener Golden Hair to blend exotic sounds, such as tribute to Scottish weather Las Temporadas, to ambient tides on Ambient Beach and the ultimate pop song for 2000, Millenium Girl. Nine tracks united by a distinctive identity cater for many moods. A winner." Highland News

"An admirably ambitious attempt to straddle the worlds of contemporary roots fusion and mainstream pop" The Scotsman